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Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) is a PoW and PoS hybrid alternatve crypto currency based on the same algorithm as Bitcoin itself - SHA256 - the difference is in the intent behind development - where Bitcoin is moving towards regulatory approval with increased transparency, BitcoinDark tries to push further of the belief of decentralisation and anonymity. The block time is 60 seconds - there was a 1.5 premine and a total of 22 million coins are scheduled to be produced.

Following the announcement of the Komodo Platform by the SuperNet team, BitcoinDark could be swapped for KMD coins and will be so until 2018. BTCD technology will be further advanced in the KMD platform.

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Тип доказательства PoW/PoS
Цена открытия $11.15
Наименьшая цена $11.15
Наибольшая цена $11.15
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Текущее количество 1,288,862 BTCD
Общее Предложение 22,000,000 BTCD
Рыночная капитализация $14,375,696
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