Детали по криптовалютной бирже Bitflip

Exchange NameBitFlip
Volume (24H) $622,458.01
106.10 BTC
Coins Support16
Trading Pairs63
Alexa Rank311617
Top CountryOman
Bitflip объем торгов за 24 часа $622,458.01 (106.10 BTC) Эта биржа поддерживает 16 крипто валюты и 63 рыночные торговые пары.

BitFlip is a new stock exchange that kick-started its operation on June, 17. It offers trading via a single account and does not provide trading on margin. Here, you need to go through identity verification before starting trading. Market makers pay 0.10% per trade and market takers are charged with 0.18%. On top of that, high-volume traders get discounts.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1RevainR/BTC$0.363202$405,052.00238 days
2BitcoinBTC/USD$6,504.37$240,339.00238 days
3BitcoinBTC/RUB$6,019.24$218,681.00238 days
4RippleXRP/USD$0.50$57,395.20238 days
5RippleXRP/RUB$0.459304$50,770.60238 days
6Russian Miner CoinRMC/BTC$5,558.37$34,450.80238 days
7RippleXRP/BTC$0.51$24,905.10238 days
8EthereumETH/USD$476.11$21,109.10238 days
9EthereumETH/RUB$428.83$17,662.80238 days
10RevainR/RUB$0.333679$16,710.90238 days
11TRONTRX/RUB$0.045978$14,229.80238 days
12TRONTRX/USD$0.049000$11,300.10238 days
13LitecoinLTC/RUB$79.41$10,437.60238 days
14LitecoinLTC/USD$86.02$10,013.30238 days
15NanoXRB/USD$2.54$6,343.74238 days
16DashDASH/USD$285.99$5,693.95238 days
17BitWhiteBTW/USD$0.033000$5,251.87238 days
18DashDASH/RUB$254.11$5,006.19238 days
19BitWhiteBTW/RUB$0.030334$4,801.22238 days
20NanoXRB/RUB$2.22$4,177.33238 days
21LindaLINDA/USD$0.002900$2,442.03238 days
22LindaLINDA/BTC$0.002905$483.59238 days
23LitecoinLTC/BTC$86.41$250.46238 days
24CasinoCoinCSC/BTC$0.000433$224.92238 days
25DogecoinDOGE/BTC$0.002534$208.46238 days
26EthereumETH/BTC$488.86$205.90238 days
27BitWhiteBTW/BTC$0.030906$204.04238 days
28DogecoinDOGE/RUB$0.002565$114.35238 days
29CasinoCoinCSC/RUB$0.000476$65.55238 days
30DashDASH/BTC$265.11$27.19238 days
31CasinoCoinCSC/USD$0.000500$12.96238 days
32DogecoinDOGE/USD$0.002651$1.42238 days
33EOSEOS/RUB$12.55$0.64238 days
34RevainR/USD$0.350000$0.61238 days
35TRONTRX/UAH$0.051929$0.399000238 days
36NanoXRB/EUR$2.70$0.361000238 days
37RippleXRP/EUR$0.58$0.079100238 days
38REALREAL/RUB$0.320814$0.056300238 days
39RevainR/UAH$0.010747$0.000000238 days
40DogecoinDOGE/UAH$0.002925$0.000000238 days
41LitecoinLTC/EUR$91.85$0.000000238 days
42EthereumETH/UAH$810.50$0.000000238 days
43TRONTRX/EUR$0.031509$0.000000238 days
44BitcoinBTC/EUR$5,836.14$0.000000238 days
45BitWhiteBTW/EUR$0.046680$0.000000238 days
46BitcoinBTC/UAH$4,759.16$0.000000238 days
47DogecoinDOGE/EUR$0.002699$0.000000238 days
48LitecoinLTC/UAH$185.52$0.000000238 days
49RevainR/EUR$0.67$0.000000238 days
50Bitcoin GoldBTG/EUR$46.69$0.000000238 days
51NanoXRB/UAH$2.69$0.000000238 days
52DashDASH/EUR$280.10$0.000000238 days
53Bitcoin GoldBTG/RUB$27.00$0.000000238 days
54NanoXRB/BTC$2.84$0.000000238 days
55EOSEOS/USD$10.10$0.000000238 days
56TRONTRX/BTC$0.043268$0.000000238 days
57Bitcoin GoldBTG/USD$35.55$0.000000238 days
58EthereumETH/EUR$519.30$0.000000238 days
59DashDASH/UAH$170.91$0.000000238 days
60BitWhiteBTW/UAH$0.033007$0.000000238 days
61REALREAL/USD$0.325000$0.000000238 days
62RippleXRP/UAH$0.96$0.000000238 days
63REALREAL/UAH$0.96$0.000000238 days

BitFlip launches bounty!

500,000 of FLIP tokens as giveaway from BitFlip.

You can learn more about FLIP coin here – https://t.co/Yyphd1IngC.

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Epay is here now!

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Cutting fiat fees for you!

Advcash: deposit — 1.2%, withdraw — 1.5%
Payeer: deposit — 1.5%, withdraw — 1.99%
Capitalist: deposit — 1.5%, withdraw –1.5%
Perfect Money: deposit — 1.99%, withdraw — 4.99%

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BitFlip is preparing migration of Tron to mainnet.

During the migration deposits and withdrawals will be disabled.

Tron plans to launch mainnet June 25th. After that date deposits and withdrawals of Tron will be available again.

Stay tuned. Your BitFlip team.

The domain https://t.co/DJK7IdqpgR is working again! We apologize for the temporarily unavailability for english users.

You can start trading now – https://t.co/I9i81mdnuI

Take a notice you also can access project on https://t.co/qqg1crdDAU

Your BitFlip Team

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