Детали по криптовалютной бирже Bithumb

Exchange NameBithumb
Volume (24H) $194,249,314.00
33,129.10 BTC
Coins Support37
Trading Pairs37
Alexa Rank4274
Top CountrySouth Korea
Bithumb объем торгов за 24 часа $194,249,314.00 (33,129.10 BTC) Эта биржа поддерживает 37 крипто валюты и 37 рыночные торговые пары.

BTC Korea takes the lowest commission among every bitcoin trader in domestic market for the clients to trade with priceless coins. It also protects your esteemed assets backed by trade data anti-forgery, high protective SMS verification and high adaptive data encryption. They also offer you stable real time trading system to easily put in or put out from virtual unique account in any time.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1EOSEOS/KRW$8.27$37,430,200.00265 days
2BitcoinBTC/KRW$6,232.44$10,969,500.00265 days
3TRONTRX/KRW$0.041150$9,655,710.00265 days
4RippleXRP/KRW$0.476804$9,372,620.00265 days
5EthereumETH/KRW$449.97$9,182,300.00265 days
6Ethereum ClassicETC/KRW$15.77$6,278,900.00265 days
7QtumQTUM/KRW$9.08$5,731,980.00265 days
8Bitcoin CashBCH/KRW$731.76$4,271,230.00265 days
9GolemGNT/KRW$0.305942$3,290,570.00265 days
10ZilliqaZIL/KRW$0.067987$2,925,840.00265 days
11MithrilMITH/KRW$0.372140$2,515,160.00265 days
12HshareHSR/KRW$4.58$1,115,070.00265 days
13AelfELF/KRW$0.53$917,415.00265 days
14ICONICX/KRW$1.62$681,896.00265 days
15Bitcoin GoldBTG/KRW$26.17$466,219.00265 days
16VeChainVEN/KRW$2.63$454,867.00265 days
17MoneroXMR/KRW$129.71$382,339.00265 days
18CardanoADA/KRW$0.137763$293,285.00265 days
19LitecoinLTC/KRW$79.26$273,931.00265 days
20MonacoMCO/KRW$4.52$255,015.00265 days
21Kyber NetworkKNC/KRW$0.79$230,275.00265 days
22ZcashZEC/KRW$166.57$158,558.00265 days
23StatusSNT/KRW$0.057252$146,609.00265 days
24GiftoGTO/KRW$0.123450$118,662.00265 days
25OmiseGOOMG/KRW$7.59$106,154.00265 days
26WAXWAX/KRW$0.105559$104,545.00265 days
27EthosETHOS/KRW$1.12$89,307.40265 days
28NEMXEM/KRW$0.143131$80,393.20265 days
29DashDASH/KRW$233.93$69,511.50265 days
30AugurREP/KRW$27.72$43,281.90265 days
31TenXPAY/KRW$0.50$39,459.40265 days
32LoopringLRC/KRW$0.312204$37,716.10265 days
33AeternityAE/KRW$1.85$37,080.60265 days
34SteemSTEEM/KRW$1.33$32,944.80265 days
35Power LedgerPOWR/KRW$0.198594$27,801.50265 days
360xZRX/KRW$0.64$24,835.40265 days
37StratisSTRAT/KRW$2.42$16,670.40265 days

[Jun 20th Incident Report]
We would like to share with you the events that took place on June 20, 2018 and the steps we're taking to ensure that your asset is safe and secure with Bithumb.

▶ https://t.co/JjSnTtSsDj

Bithumb urgently ask our valuable customers not to deposit any fund into Bithumb wallet addresses for the time being.

▶ https://t.co/rnMGmKMBUf

[Notice for the temporary suspension of the deposits]
Due to the increasing safety issues, we are changing our wallet system.
Please do not deposit until we notify.
*All deposits are not deposited into your wallet until all changes are completed.

[Notice for the restart of service]
We are transferring all of asset to the cold wallet to build up the security system and upgrade DB. Starting from 15:00 pm(KST), we will restart our services and notice again as soon as possible. Appreciate for your support.

Cardano(ADA) and Status Network Token(SNT) are available!
Visit Bithumb website and trade newly listed cryptocurrencies ☺️

▶ PC : https://t.co/6MRxyQeeQV
▶ MOBILE :https://t.co/pI2HiXVd9Q

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