Детали по криптовалютной бирже Cpatex

Exchange NameC-Patex
Volume (24H) $489.63
0.083511 BTC
Coins Support9
Trading Pairs14
Alexa Rank438559
Top CountryBrazil
Cpatex объем торгов за 24 часа $489.63 (0.083511 BTC) Эта биржа поддерживает 9 крипто валюты и 14 рыночные торговые пары.

In order to use C-PatEx, crypto-traders need to verify their e-mail address. To withdraw, they must verified their identity either by Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or a code sent via SMS. Identity verification via ID card and other legal documentation is required only for users who trade with ARS (Argentinian Pesos).

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1DogecoinDOGE/BTC$0.002411$995.48268 days
2BlakecoinBLC/BTC$0.012919$511.97268 days
3EmberCoinEMB/DOGE$0.000000$422.68268 days
4PeepCoinPCN/DOGE$0.000647$88.19268 days
5LitecoinLTC/BTC$79.73$45.36268 days
6PeepCoinPCN/BTC$0.000927$26.92268 days
7HTMLCOINHTML/BTC$0.000371$0.000000268 days
8EmberCoinEMB/LTC$0.000001$0.000000268 days
9DogecoinDOGE/LTC$0.002178$0.000000268 days
10ECCECC/BTC$0.001051$0.000000268 days
11PhotonPHO/BLC$0.000031$0.000000268 days
12ReddCoinRDD/BTC$0.005316$0.000000268 days
13BlakecoinBLC/LTC$0.007567$0.000000268 days
14PhotonPHO/LTC$0.000034$0.000000268 days

Today we welcome @Deutsche_eMark coin to our cryptocurrency exchange!!

Massive news Rupsters! Here we go! The time has come! https://t.co/3PoNfnwXw2 is live. The launch of $RUP 2.0 is a fact.

Welcome to the future!

#TheFutureisHere #launch #website #blockchain #announcement #live #aheadofschedule #crypto #Blockchain

We are now 6 months old, pretty good start so far.
Here you can find the report of May for our shareholders (PATS): https://t.co/Rio4BNBiIs
Your dividends should be in your account!

We are happy to announce you $RUP 2.0 is now trading on @C_PATEX!
Rupee 2.0 is still on the move. The future is here.

#TheFutureisHere #exchanges #crypto #cryptonews #cryptocurrency #masternodes

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