Детали по криптовалютной бирже Coinsbank

Exchange NameCoinsBank
Volume (24H) $39,142,260.00
6,675.85 BTC
Coins Support2
Trading Pairs7
Alexa Rank153310
Top CountryUnited States
Coinsbank объем торгов за 24 часа $39,142,260.00 (6,675.85 BTC) Эта биржа поддерживает 2 крипто валюты и 7 рыночные торговые пары.

Customers of Coins bank can trade on a low-latency exchange. Users can enjoy the tools that professional speculators use to maximise profit and minimise risk, and cash out to a wide range of currencies. Their license participant of the FOREX market allows their customers to perform transactions not only in crypto currency, but also in other major world currencies supported by the system. All traders are protected by the laws and regulators of Belize.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1BitcoinBTC/USD$6,216.45$14,291,700.00238 days
2BitcoinBTC/EUR$6,188.85$11,848,700.00238 days
3BitcoinBTC/GBP$6,193.79$6,043,990.00238 days
4LitecoinLTC/USD$79.16$4,757,820.00238 days
5LitecoinLTC/EUR$80.55$2,919,000.00238 days
6LitecoinLTC/BTC$79.31$1,620,340.00238 days
7LitecoinLTC/GBP$79.34$1,187,540.00238 days

We have recovered our twitter account name! Now https://t.co/IgLr4RXNWs official twitter is @CoinsBank. And we have only one account! Thanks to the @Twitter team for help! #CoinsBank

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