Детали по криптовалютной бирже Kraken

Exchange NameKraken
Volume (24H) $107,011,181.36
18,250.79 BTC
Coins Support17
Trading Pairs56
Alexa Rank7461
Top CountryUnited States
Kraken объем торгов за 24 часа $107,011,181.36 (18,250.79 BTC) Эта биржа поддерживает 17 крипто валюты и 56 рыночные торговые пары.

Kraken was founded in 2011 in San Fransisco. It is the largest Bitcoin exchange trading Canadian dollars, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen. It was the first Bitcoin exchange to have trading price and volume displayed on the Bloomberg Terminal. The first to pass a cryptographically verifiable proof-of-reserves audit, and is a partner in the first crypto currency bank.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1BitcoinBTC/EUR$6,185.05$31,920,900.00265 days
2EthereumETH/USD$444.70$20,941,900.00265 days
3EthereumETH/EUR$446.21$15,772,500.00265 days
4BitcoinBTC/USD$6,180.00$14,652,100.00265 days
5EthereumETH/BTC$445.71$2,265,780.00265 days
6RippleXRP/EUR$0.470881$1,848,330.00265 days
7EOSEOS/EUR$7.80$1,814,120.00265 days
8EOSEOS/USD$7.75$1,755,780.00265 days
9LitecoinLTC/EUR$79.15$1,569,620.00265 days
10Ethereum ClassicETC/USD$15.53$1,304,510.00265 days
11Bitcoin CashBCH/EUR$723.42$1,238,400.00265 days
12RippleXRP/USD$0.470300$1,114,860.00265 days
13Bitcoin CashBCH/USD$722.90$1,034,990.00265 days
14TetherUSDT/USD$1.00$629,331.00265 days
15DashDASH/EUR$231.69$619,667.00265 days
16StellarXLM/EUR$0.192122$519,958.00265 days
17Ethereum ClassicETC/EUR$15.52$507,909.00265 days
18MoneroXMR/EUR$128.24$502,065.00265 days
19MoneroXMR/USD$128.54$470,598.00265 days
20EOSEOS/ETH$7.77$458,489.00265 days
21EOSEOS/BTC$7.78$453,198.00265 days
22LitecoinLTC/USD$79.23$432,286.00265 days
23RippleXRP/BTC$0.470663$403,107.00265 days
24Ethereum ClassicETC/BTC$15.62$362,530.00265 days
25LitecoinLTC/BTC$79.30$324,236.00265 days
26Ethereum ClassicETC/ETH$15.52$316,886.00265 days
27BitcoinBTC/CAD$6,038.30$311,955.00265 days
28MoneroXMR/BTC$128.61$301,310.00265 days
29StellarXLM/BTC$0.191930$254,413.00265 days
30Bitcoin CashBCH/BTC$723.33$191,589.00265 days
31StellarXLM/USD$0.191801$182,322.00265 days
32DashDASH/BTC$232.73$178,005.00265 days
33DashDASH/USD$233.42$143,889.00265 days
34AugurREP/EUR$30.98$87,781.60265 days
35ZcashZEC/EUR$165.71$74,566.80265 days
36AugurREP/BTC$31.04$66,085.10265 days
37ZcashZEC/USD$165.00$54,030.90265 days
38IconomiICN/BTC$0.59$47,764.50265 days
39ZcashZEC/BTC$165.68$45,226.00265 days
40EthereumETH/CAD$434.33$43,345.50265 days
41RippleXRP/CAD$0.461885$35,643.80265 days
42DogecoinDOGE/BTC$0.002538$21,338.30265 days
43AugurREP/USD$30.99$16,151.90265 days
44AugurREP/ETH$31.08$14,005.70265 days
45IconomiICN/ETH$0.59$13,550.30265 days
46GnosisGNO/EUR$46.00$12,043.40265 days
47BitcoinBTC/JPY$6,200.51$10,822.90265 days
48GnosisGNO/ETH$45.85$6,399.07265 days
49MelonMLN/BTC$27.57$6,119.04265 days
50MelonMLN/ETH$27.34$5,033.55265 days
51GnosisGNO/BTC$45.88$4,386.47265 days
52GnosisGNO/USD$45.66$2,164.49265 days
53EthereumETH/JPY$446.76$1,347.87265 days
54EthereumETH/GBP$450.77$1,129.77265 days
55RippleXRP/JPY$0.474982$1,036.08265 days
56ZcashZEC/JPY$166.51$3.16265 days

EOS deposits and withdrawals are now live on Kraken! Deposits are free and the minimum deposit amount is 0.01 EOS.

We did it, team! Huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us exceed the $1m match -- that's more than $3m raised for @coincenter in May! Bad news for Lambo dealers but it is heartening to see so many individuals and companies make a show of support. Cheers!

Coin Center@coincenter

Thanks to @krakenfx’s commitment to match up to $1 million of your donations in May, we are thrilled to announced Coin Center has raised $1.2 million and qualified for the full match!

Thank you to @jespow and the entire cryptocurrency community.

In preparation for the EOS MainNet launch, we will take EOS funding offline starting from June 1 2018 at 00:00 UTC (May 31 at 5:00 pm PT). EOS funding will remain offline until we are confident that the MainNet is stable. See our blog post for more info: https://t.co/8x7jfwJ1RO

In preparation for the EOS MainNet launch, we will take EOS funding offline starting from June 1 2018 at 00:00 UTC (5:00 pm PT). EOS funding will remain offline until we are confident that the MainNet is stable. See our blog post for more information: https://t.co/8x7jfx0Dgo

Only 2 days left for Kraken to match your gift to @coincenter. Please consider joining us in supporting their important work. With our help, they will be able to carry on defending crypto and blockchain technology. https://t.co/bcKooC2SKe

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