Детали по криптовалютной бирже Litebit

Exchange NameLiteBit.eu
Volume (24H) $487,720.78
83.18 BTC
Coins Support49
Trading Pairs49
Alexa Rank44275
Top CountryNetherlands
Litebit объем торгов за 24 часа $487,720.78 (83.18 BTC) Эта биржа поддерживает 49 крипто валюты и 49 рыночные торговые пары.

At Litebit, you can buy Bitcoins, Litecoins and many other crypto currencies through iDeal, SOFORT, GiroPay, SEPA and many other payment methods. Also, sell with fast speed and pay out twice a day, gets credited almost the next day.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1BitcoinBTC/EUR$6,176.81$370,593.00238 days
2EthereumETH/EUR$450.03$58,850.80238 days
3LitecoinLTC/EUR$78.97$34,458.50238 days
4RippleXRP/EUR$0.468596$33,436.80238 days
5VergeXVG/EUR$0.023016$26,821.40238 days
6DigiByteDGB/EUR$0.020645$25,458.30238 days
7ReddCoinRDD/EUR$0.004753$24,455.00238 days
8GuldenNLG/EUR$0.068812$10,432.10238 days
9DogecoinDOGE/EUR$0.002423$9,643.39238 days
10CardanoADA/EUR$0.129069$9,581.28238 days
11MoneroXMR/EUR$127.90$9,200.81238 days
12NEMXEM/EUR$0.153467$5,343.65238 days
13StratisSTRAT/EUR$2.38$5,052.29238 days
14ParticlPART/EUR$4.28$4,842.87238 days
15QtumQTUM/EUR$8.86$4,141.85238 days
16GroestlcoinGRS/EUR$0.58$3,356.59238 days
17NxtNXT/EUR$0.096161$2,819.05238 days
18MyriadXMY/EUR$0.004037$2,796.92238 days
19WavesWAVES/EUR$2.61$2,343.30238 days
20DashDASH/EUR$231.84$1,883.11238 days
21PIVXPIVX/EUR$1.87$1,531.82238 days
22OKCashOK/EUR$0.063121$1,319.54238 days
232GIVE2GIVE/EUR$0.005456$1,141.07238 days
24BitBayBAY/EUR$0.024441$1,140.29238 days
25Ethereum ClassicETC/EUR$15.51$1,007.64238 days
26VertcoinVTC/EUR$0.91$977.26238 days
27CloakCoinCLOAK/EUR$4.63$857.30238 days
28BreakoutBRK/EUR$0.099202$809.70238 days
29LiskLSK/EUR$5.39$758.45238 days
30ViacoinVIA/EUR$0.99$696.20238 days
31RadiumRADS/EUR$2.45$616.31238 days
32ArkARK/EUR$1.30$533.41238 days
33RevolutionVRRVR/EUR$0.051077$525.49238 days
34ArtByteABY/EUR$0.003709$501.48238 days
35CrownCRW/EUR$0.51$412.45238 days
36FeathercoinFTC/EUR$0.098719$396.80238 days
37ZCoinXZC/EUR$15.83$317.85238 days
38PesetacoinPTC/EUR$0.020999$221.63238 days
39EmercoinEMC/EUR$2.34$212.72238 days
40BlackCoinBLK/EUR$0.127624$192.65238 days
41BitSendBSD/EUR$0.289028$171.14238 days
42ArdorARDR/EUR$0.141397$141.14238 days
43PeercoinPPC/EUR$1.40$139.82238 days
44ZcashZEC/EUR$164.69$103.69238 days
45Breakout StakeBRX/EUR$0.60$66.58238 days
46TRONTRX/EUR$0.039548$0.000000238 days
47Bitcoin CashBCC/EUR$889.54$0.000000238 days
48UbiqUBQ/EUR$0.83$0.000000238 days
49NavCoinNAV/EUR$0.419197$0.000000238 days

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📢 Important announcement 📢
TRON has developed its own blockchain. This is the TRX Mainnet. This will be launched between June 21 and June 25 (GMT + 8). Move your funds to a wallet hosted by an exchange. For more info: https://t.co/WoHA8guQzk

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