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Waves Decentralized Exchange
Waves Decentralized Exchange
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Exchange NameWaves Decentralized Exchange
Volume (24H) $5,635,391.37
961.16 BTC
Coins Support28
Trading Pairs65
Alexa Rank45614
Top CountryBrazil
Wavesdex объем торгов за 24 часа $5,635,391.37 (961.16 BTC) Эта биржа поддерживает 28 крипто валюты и 65 рыночные торговые пары.

Waves-dex is another a fast-growing area of the crypto world. Here you can not only create a multiple-currency wallet but also can invest in verified crypto assets and the underlying WAVES platform token. It store assets with a high security in the local lite client, whilst also trading them quickly and safely on the built-in decentralised exchange (DEX).

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1WavesWAVES/BTC$2.63$1,240,510.00238 days
2Bitcoin CashBCC/WAVES$721.90$870,280.00238 days
3EthereumETH/BTC$440.64$710,974.00238 days
4LitecoinLTC/WAVES$79.17$478,407.00238 days
5Miners' Reward TokenMRT/WAVES$0.083776$409,884.00238 days
6EthereumETH/WAVES$441.51$390,308.00238 days
7Primalbase TokenPBT/WAVES$2,771.12$253,459.00238 days
8Bitcoin CashBCC/BTC$724.60$206,482.00238 days
9ZcashZEC/BTC$164.52$158,902.00238 days
10LitecoinLTC/BTC$78.79$146,264.00238 days
11Waves Community TokenWCT/WAVES$0.335724$109,190.00238 days
12ZcashZEC/WAVES$166.49$105,457.00238 days
13WavesWAVES/USD$2.78$33,037.10238 days
14Tidex TokenTDX/WAVES$0.081521$23,682.30238 days
15WavesWAVES/EUR$2.78$20,182.60238 days
16ErgoEFYT/WAVES$2.87$6,860.91238 days
17BitcoinBTC/EUR$6,361.28$6,391.30238 days
18WagerrWGR/BTC$0.143143$5,867.97238 days
19BitcoinBTC/USD$6,381.08$5,718.92238 days
20IncentINCNT/BTC$0.154783$2,866.44238 days
21WagerrWGR/WAVES$0.137835$2,243.26238 days
22OceanlabOCL/WAVES$0.010524$2,006.20238 days
23Primalbase TokenPBT/BTC$3,095.65$1,519.04238 days
24EncryptoTel [WAVES]ETT/WAVES$0.031808$749.58238 days
25StartaSTA/BTC$0.495242$742.86238 days
26StartaSTA/WAVES$0.463867$725.29238 days
27IncentINCNT/WAVES$0.159043$548.63238 days
28CryptoPingPING/WAVES$0.177674$539.15238 days
29MercuryMER/WAVES$0.156654$427.12238 days
30EthereumETH/USD$465.52$378.09238 days
31ErgoEFYT/BTC$3.20$373.20238 days
32ZrCoinZRC/WAVES$1.25$372.01238 days
33ZrCoinZRC/BTC$1.39$278.61238 days
34WavesGoWGO/WAVES$0.019217$200.50238 days
35Miners' Reward TokenMRT/BTC$0.115777$171.21238 days
36Waves Community TokenWCT/BTC$0.382932$132.38238 days
37MercuryMER/BTC$0.124383$54.99238 days
38DarcrusDAR/WAVES$0.074219$37.85238 days
39EncryptoTel [WAVES]ETT/BTC$0.050769$25.38238 days
40OceanlabOCL/BTC$0.009039$24.74238 days
41LitecoinLTC/ETH$80.52$23.06238 days
42BankcoinB@/WAVES$0.005964$6.09238 days
43TokesTKS/WAVES$1.03$3.09238 days
44BowheadAHT/WAVES$0.093039$0.232700238 days
45Shadow TokenSHDW/ETH$0.048962$0.000000238 days
46WagerrWGR/USD$0.210000$0.000000238 days
47TokesTKS/BTC$0.68$0.000000238 days
48Bitcoin CashBCC/USD$1,027.96$0.000000238 days
49LitecoinLTC/EUR$128.35$0.000000238 days
50WagerrWGR/ETH$0.155780$0.000000238 days
51Monster ByteMBI/BTC$0.064390$0.000000238 days
52WavesGoWGO/BTC$0.023217$0.000000238 days
53IncentINCNT/MGO$0.144230$0.000000238 days
54EthereumETH/EUR$466.80$0.000000238 days
55CryptoPingPING/BTC$0.154783$0.000000238 days
56Shadow TokenSHDW/WAVES$0.005301$0.000000238 days
57DarcrusDAR/BTC$0.062532$0.000000238 days
58Shadow TokenSHDW/BTC$0.004334$0.000000238 days
59WavesWAVES/ETH$5.12$0.000000238 days
60OceanlabOCL/ETH$0.040946$0.000000238 days
61Waves Community TokenWCT/EUR$1.17$0.000000238 days
62Monster ByteMBI/WAVES$0.063086$0.000000238 days
63Waves Community TokenWCT/ETH$1.28$0.000000238 days

Waves Node ver. 0.13.4 is out! Our developers have fixed several bugs and validation issues. Note that this is a mandatory release: miners have to update to this release before the activation of Data Transaction feature: https://t.co/S6NTFgP2Ef

#WavesPlatform #Blockchain $WAVES

The correct answer is 0.000457! Congratulations to our 2 lucky winners: @cryptocoinfan & @kimsonkid85, you will share 132 $WAVES.

Please comment your #HuobiPro UID in this tweet before June 27th. Rewards will be credited to you before June 29th.

#WavesPlatform @Huobi_Pro

Waves Platform@wavesplatform

PREDICT & WIN! Predict $WAVES/$BTC spot price of June 23, 2018, 16:00 (GMT+8). 2 lucky winners with the nearest answer (2 decimal) will get 132 WAVES!

Follow @Huobi_Pro+@wavesplatform
RT+Ans+tag @Huobi_Pro+@wavesplatform
Submission close at June 23, 15:00 (GMT+8)

First Meet Up of Waves & TurtleNetwork in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩

Thanks to @wavesplatform @Sasha_Kolupaev @dailydimaz & @__Black_Turtle_ for support this event.
Wish our community in Indonesia especially in Jogjakarta will bigger than now.


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