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ICO NameBotChain
Start DateOctober 01, 2018
End DateTBA
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Advances in bot design, Artificial Intelligence, and more expansive use of contextual awareness (through increased adoption of APIs and IoT technologies), will create more powerful and less predictable bots. In addition, thousands of bots will collaborate through millions of transactions. As these bots become more intelligent and make more independent decisions, they will become more difficult to manage. These changes will create new challenges as well as new opportunities.

Humans perform better when managed to improve performance, compliance, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication. Similarly, bots will require a platform to audit and nurture these capabilities.

BotChain is a bot registration, identification, audit, and marketplace platform built to utilize the public Ethereum blockchain and focused on businesses. BotChain will provide a platform for business bots to be managed. Bot builders will incorporate BotChain capabilities into their bots so that businesses can utilize the management capabilities. The BotChain platform will provide businesses with bot management capabilities such as audit trails of bot actions (what they did and why), bot identity management, knowledge sharing, and skill sharing.

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Price1 BOTC = 2.50 USD Sale22,000,000 Payment ModeETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum Investment10,000 USD Distribution55% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap15,000,000 USD Hard Cap40,000,000 USD