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ICO NameEtherAce Speculation Platform
Start DateJuly 12, 2018
End DateAugust 17, 2018
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EtherAce is a decentralized assets speculation and betting platform based on smart contracts, state channels and blockchain technology. We provide different market instruments that all types of users, from traders to gamblers, can benefit from. The EtherAce platform is built as a layer on top of Ethereum, which enables all bets to be placed and all value to be stored on a secure decentralized transaction ledger. This allows for a level of enhanced transparency, security, lower fees, and no intermediaries required that traditional online betting and speculation platforms cannot match. All the platform logic is handled by autonomous, open-source smart contracts, creating a trustless environment with no governing body. There are three high-level parts to the EtherAce platform; you can bet on the odds, your skill, or us. When betting on the odds, user’s will bet on something where the result is derived from a random generator. Users can also bet on their skill in our peer-to-peer derivatives market. Anyone can choose to bet on EtherAce by holding ACED (ACE Dividends) tokens. EtherAce provides a trustless tool for all speculators and gamblers of the cryptocurrency sector which is a highly speculative environment, to use to speculate or gamble on blockchain and traditional assets for profit. EtherAce uses state channels to allow for off-chain actions to reduce transaction time and fees, improving and allowing greater UX while still leveraging blockchain functionality. With low latency products, massive market potential, and unique user-interfaces built for web3.0, the EtherAce platform is poised to disrupt the cryptocurrency world as an instrument that anyone will have an incentive to use. The world financial markets are transcending, enabled by the creation of the blockchain. For now, our platform is extremely useful to anyone in the cryptocurrency sector, which is segregated from the overall financial sector. As the world markets shift, our platform will become valuable to anyone in the financial sector because we offer greater qualities. 

We have made several major upgrades to Flip. Please check it out at https://t.co/FdaCdrJH66 ! It is on Ropsten Testnet Ethereum Blockchain. We will be paying bounty earned tokens at the end of the pre-sale. Please join https://t.co/wXE86Ln5B0 our new Telegram chat.

Our pre-sale soft cap is $25,000 USD and our pre-sale hard cap is $50,000 USD. The pre-sale funds will be used to create a pot for our Flip dApp so we can launch it and begin revenue streams and a user base!

Hello all, it has been awhile. We apologize and as a sorry we've restructured our project to give more value to you. We now have a token supply of only 10,000,000. Our token price is 0.06 USD at pre-sale. We now offer early-investors a much better evaluation.

Excited to announce our partnership with @baseinfo101 ! https://t.co/pI2fUgBOeW is a great source for information. They will help us identify major global and industry trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors so we can expand our platform strategically. #partnership

The team has been deeply analyzing the online gambling market in the cryptocurrency sector and traditional sector. While we have most of the new social trends such as privacy and transparency, we're looking how our gambling dApp can expand. We'll be focusing on supporting Bitcoin

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Price1 ACED = 0.052 USD Sale100,000,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution80% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap866 ETH Hard Cap8,665 ETH