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Over the years, MetaCert has researched and developed one of the world’s most advanced crawlers and threat intelligence systems for categorizing URIs. Using our proprietary technology, innovative approach, and help from thousands of people in our community, we have built one of the biggest sources of trust and reputation information about URIs in the world.

13-Year-Old Allegedly Hacked Teacher Account to Create Student 'Hit List' https://t.co/wnxqPEcQOP

Our CEO @Paul__Walsh is speaking at the TF Blockchain Conference in Seattle, on March 28th.

"Lessons from Protecting Over 1 Million People in Crypto from Fraud"

Use code METACERT to get $75 off. https://t.co/fE2GhQVVYE

Of the last 1,000 phishing sites classified by MetaCert, 100% of them start with HTTPS.

After spot-checking 25% of them, 100% of phishing sites use a DV SSL certificate issued by Let's Encrypt.

HTTPS Everywhere is like a maniac driver doing 100mph down the hard shoulder.

When allowing people into a building, the security guard doesn't conduct a background check to see if every individual has a criminal record. Instead, they only permit access to people who have been "verified" by an employee in the building.

#phishing #whackamole

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